Abdulmahdi Nasirzadeh, the president of the Iran Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, expressed his pleasure at the launch of the English section of the federation’s website. This initiative has been implemented to facilitate access for international audiences to the news and activities of the federation.

During the unveiling ceremony of this new section, Nasirzadeh described it as a milestone in the process of information dissemination and connecting with the global community. He emphasized, “With this step, enthusiasts and athletes around the world can easily access the latest news on competitions, training courses, and other significant activities of the federation.”

The English section of the Iran Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’s website will include comprehensive information about educational programs, competition calendars, and the latest achievements of Iranian athletes on the international stage. This section is designed to create an effective communication bridge between the federation and the global sports community.

The Iran Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation hopes that this new step will provide more opportunities for international collaborations and showcase Iranian talents on a global scale.

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